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    【汤森路透助力可持续发展】让我们共建更美好的世界! | 中国 | 汤森路透

    在四月份时,汤森路透正式加入了“联合国全球协议”(U.N. Global Compact)这一世界最大的企业可持续性倡议。该协议于1999年发起,现在包含来自超过170个国家的13,000家企业、投资者、律所、非政府组织(NGO)以及政策制定参与者。这一协议是一项重要的合作之举,因为它强化了我们对联合国保护人权、劳动力、环境以及打击腐败和欺诈之原则的长期承诺。

    Customs Inspection Fees | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    Read this short article by Rui Jiang Xiaoping, director of Beijing trade security and facilitation Library Research Center.

    EU Imposes Anti-Dumping Duties | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    Gain valuable insight on how the EU has imposed temporary anti-dumping duties on certain stainless steel products from China, Indonesia and Taiwan.

    Covid-19 Declaration | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    Get important insights into New Zealand and Singapore’s jointly issued Declaration on Trade in Important Commodities in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak.

    Post-COVID-19 Business Insights | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    As economies reduce unnecessary activities, global supply chains are also under unprecedented pressure. Use this period to inventory and reassess existing supply routes and new trade route forecasts.

    Trade Compliance During Coronavirus | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    Get tips on how to plan ahead and prepare for global trade compliance during the coronavirus outbreak.

    Navigating Trade Wars | Article | 中国 | 汤森路透

    Gain valuable insight on how corporate trade professionals can evaluate all available tools and strategies.

    汤森路透助力可持续发展和绿色金融-独家专访章新胜 | 中国 | 汤森路透